Here are a few churches and faith-based organizations using Radius to extend the reach of their online outreach.


Holy Cross Lutheran Church
The Difference
Amherst Community Brethren in Christ
Canoe Creek BIC
Viroqua Church of Christ
World Aids Day (The Chapel in Akron)


Ohio Christian Education Association
Evangelical Friends Churches - Eastern Region
Edgewood Community Campus

Youth Groups

Zero Automatic


Camp Gideon
Edgewood Community Center
Memorial Holiness Camp


Mission Bridge Ministries
PSC of Stark County


The Word On The Street



"I love working with Radius Web Tools... it is so easy to work and we love the customer service. Our experience over the last several years has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Steve Garcia
Student Ministries, The Chapel in Akron


"I can't thank you enough for your support, professionalism, and hard work. We really couldn't be happier with the site and will refer you with gusto to anyone we can…. We're thrilled!"

Stephen McNulty
Curator, Joseph Saxton Gallery


"Previous to working with Radius Web Tools, I had no experience creating and editing a web page.Radius is user-friendly, simple and straightforward so I can easily do what I need to do after a short training. I use the program to run a web site for a community outreach program that provides information for volunteers to get involved and stay connected. It is important to be able to update the site quickly when we need to post new information, and Radius is set up so I can be on and off in 10 minutes or less. When I need to edit a page, I don't have to worry about finding which tool I need because each is labeled in the toolbar and very basic—no confusing symbols or frustrating layout. If I ever need help, I can refer to the online user guide or send a quick email to the Radius Web Tools crew. The staff feels like part of our team because they are just as motivated as we are toward the success of our site and our mission. Radius Web Tools is all around excellent."

Lindsey Bailey
Volunteer, C.O.O.L. Ministries


"The Radius Web Tools support team has quickly responded to our questions, walked us through new features and is proactive in guiding us to new technologies. They worked with us to design a site which would highlight the artwork in our exhibits and permanent collection, while being intuitive for users and visually pleasing for an art museum. We are very happy with the end result and the relationship between our organization and Radius Web Tools."

Mary Byrne
Marketing & Development Manager,
The Canton Museum of Art



"We met for a few hours with Ben who clearly taught us how to use Radius Web Tools and showed us all it's bells and whistles. Within one week we were up and running. That was important. After we had done our planning we needed to get the information to our volunteers as soon as possible. They were expecting it. Radius Web Tools understood that and partnered with us, made us feel like we were their priority. These are guys that have grown up in ministry have a heart for serving and are gifted in the technology area. They truly do become your professional partners working towards a greater ministry impact on your behalf."

Cindy Mandrell
Founder, Mission Bridge Ministries


"We felt it necessary to find something that allowed us to control our web content in-house instead of relying on others to make near constant changes. After looking at the products on the market to accomplish this goal, Radius Web Tools delivers the power and ease of use we have been looking for."

Kevin Rohr
Pastor, Amherst Community Church


"Time and money are always priorities in the non-profit world. As a non-profit arts organization, we need a user-friendly, cost effective system—with a sophisticated presentation. Radius Web Tools has answered those needs. It 's very easy to enter and update content, which has significantly reduced the time (and stress) involved in posting new information.  The e-mail newsletter feature is a simple and cost effective way to communicate with our audience. We can generate high quality e-invites or post site-wide announcements—with just a few key strokes. Overall, it is a tremendous improvement from our previous system. As a regular user of Radius, I’ve always been pleased with the responsiveness of the Radius team whenever I have a question. The online help manual is great—but sometimes you need that personal touch. It’s good to know that in this day and age of diminishing customer service—someone “gets it!” —thanks guys!  The fact that the team is ministry-oriented and keeps their products priced accordingly is also rare to find… thanks again!"

Joe Franz
Communications Director, First Christian Church


Radius has been a great help to our ministry in expanding our communication and providing new opportunities to connect with parents and students all while keeping things easy and straightforward through a user-friendly interface and great customer service.  I've been impressed with the variety of tools that are offered, particularly for the overall cost, and that the Radius team is continually looking forward to how they can make improvements and expand on an already excellent service.  Their staff is friendly and easy to talk to, having a particular knack at communicating in my language and not the technical jargon of most web developers.  I highly recommend the Radius team as your next step in communicating with your people.

Joel Daniel Harris
middle school pastor & instigator of justice
First Friends Church, Fl!pd Ministry