With Radius, The Design Is Always Personal.

In the world of content management software, the design (sometimes called the “template”) is the visual framework of your site. This includes the colors, textures, and layouts within which your content resides.


1. Choose a Framework

The Radius Design Library is stocked by our own award-winning design team. Simply choose the design framework that best reflects your parish and your website goals. New designs are added to the library regularly—many of them coming from customer suggestions, so don’t be shy!

We are also happy to create a unique, custom design exclusively for you for an extra fee.


2. We Personalize It For You

After you choose a framework, our design team will personalize it with your parish's logo, name, tagline, or other branding elements.

We’ll also be happy to change images and/or adjust the colors of the design to coordinate with an established color scheme or your own preferences.

Personalization is included in the set-up and makes the design uniquely yours.


3. You Load Your Content

Radius web sites are carefully designed to seamlesly display whatever content you can dream up—from videos and Flash animations to simple text-based pages—all within the same design!

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